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If you feel like your life today has the chance of becoming better tomorrow, offers

some great and interesting apps that you can try for fun and who knows, might even serve as your guide

as you go with your day to day activities!

The world has truly gone online for the past few decades and now, no matter where you look, you will

always see people busy with their smartphones, tablets and laptops, with pretty much half of their

waking life spent browsing the internet.

As the cyber world goes bigger by the day, there are also numerous technologies and innovations that

are being introduced and not so long ago, applications or now famously known as apps, have taken the

whole world by storm.

These apps are used for different purposes but mostly, their main purpose is to bring fun and

entertainment to the users. At, you can find some great apps that you will definitely

love to try because they are simply fun and entertaining at their finest!

What’s With is a special website that is committed to exploring different apps and sharing them

for everyone to enjoy. These apps do not have any predictions or whatsoever with them and instead,

the apps from are made purely for the sake of bringing smiles to people’s faces. The

team behind understands how people tend to get stressed out with the pressures at

work and even at home, and sometimes, even the pressure from the entire society can be too tasking.

That is why they came up with a unique idea of lessening the stress and burdens of people and give

them the chance to laugh and enjoy life even for a moment.

The apps that are found in are not prediction apps and instead, these

apps are only meant to make you laugh so that you can forget your problems. You can try these apps

on your own or if you want to share the laughter with your friends, you can also try them together with

your closest buddies so that you can have some great time, no matter where you are.

The Death App

If the time comes that you will finally leave this world, how would you like to die? Of course, no one

wants to die but if you want to look at death in fun way, the Death App from is

something that you ought to try.

A simple and easy to use app, Death App can give fun “predictions” of your death, specifically as to how

and when you will die. All you need to do is to click on the link to go to the Death App page. Then, enter

your name as well as the year of your birthday. Click on Get Result and just like that, you will know how

you will die. Don’t worry though because as this app is purely for fun, the death causes are also fun and

truly laughable. Just imagine having your name engraved on a tombstone complete with the year of

your birth and year of your death and with the cause of death stated as well. These death causes will

surely make anyone get into some fits of laughter. If you want to know what these fun death causes are,

you might as well check out the app right away.

Wealth App

Who wouldn’t want to be a millionaire someday? Pretty much everyone dreams of literally sleeping in

a bed of money and that surely includes yourself. The Wealth App from

will give you a clue as to how wealthy you can become in the future and what your source of income

will be. But then again, this is also a fun app and every result is purely for the sake of making you laugh.

In the Wealth App, all you need to do is enter your name, your birth month and your birth year. Then,

click on Calculate My Future Wealth and see how wealthy you can become! The results will include the

amount of your future income as well as your income source. Some sources are acceptable while others

are so funny that you will definitely drop from your seat laughing out loud.

So, if you want some great fun apps, this is the perfect time for you to visit and have some good laugh!